Product: S*A*T*R®

Category: Sport

Innovator: Peter Lander

Company: Battlefield Sports®

The S*A*T*R gun enables troops to fire infrared 'bullets' to simulate direct-firing with realistic audio/visual effects. It has military training and civilian entertainment applications. S*A*T*R uses a combination of lensed infrared and radio data transfer to enable real-time hit feedback and other statistics such as fire accuracy without a central computer system.

Unique Benefits:

  • Real time feedback to both the target and the shooter via sensors
  • No central computer required
  • Can operate over a very large area - e.g. across hundreds of acres - regardless of radio blocking terrain features
  • Simulates recoil without undue battery drain

Status of Innovation:
First two prototype models have been built and successfully field tested. Production of 20 additional models is planned for May 2008 to stress test the system. Commercial production is planned for late 2008.

Website: www.battlefieldsports.com